Let's Talk Smiles with Dr. Catrise Austin

Whiter Teeth...Can Vaseline Really Prevent Teeth Staining?

July 05, 2022 Dr. Catrise Austin Season 1 Episode 18
Let's Talk Smiles with Dr. Catrise Austin
Whiter Teeth...Can Vaseline Really Prevent Teeth Staining?
Show Notes

Everyone wants to have pearly whites but the more we age, the harder we have to work for it.  Years of consuming those well known culprits that stain our teeth like coffee, tea, dark berries, dark colas, dark condiments, and more can take a toll on our smiles over time unless we take action and put a prevention plan in place. 

In today's episode, we'll discuss if using Vaseline can actually prevent teeth staining.  We'll also discuss a daily oral care routine and the tools that can help you maintain a whiter smile. 

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I hope that you’ve learned some valuable tips for your oral health and a stain free smile. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss any of the oral hygiene tips that I share so that you can have a smile just like your favorite celebs!

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